25 SECRET iPhone Tips!

I’ve been an iPhone user for the past 14 years so here are my top 25 iOS tips. from my simplest to my most advanced

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25. tips are home-bar Navigation.

if you find yourself constantly going back and forward between apps, a quicker way to do it is to just swipe left and right on the home bar

24. tips are Quick HOme-Page Navigation.

if you typically have several homepages and you want to quickly navigate between them,

you can just slide With your finger on these three dots right here

23. tips are Delete in Calculator.

in the calculator app, you can actually swipe left to delete the last digit

22. tips automatically silence all callers.

you all probably know that enabling did not disturb will automatically silence all colors you can set it to only silent unknown colors but

the problem is that do not disturb will also silence your notifications.

However, if you go to settings then iPhone and then enable silent unknown callers.

Calls will be silenced even when you are noting do not disturb mode.

21. tips are Zoom with One Finger.

you can zoom in and out with just one finger on maps simply double tap and hold and then slide your finger up and down to zoom in and out.

Perfect for when you’re trying to navigate but your other hand is full.

20. tips are to apply tv Remote.

if you’ve lost your apple tv remote,

you can actually use your iPhone instead just go to settings and then control

center and then simply add the apple tv remote to your controls

then tap the icon to get the full apple tv remote controls directly on your iPhone.

19. tips are document scanning.

if you want to quickly scan a document and turn it into a pdf go to the notes app

Press the camera button and then tap scan documents

this will scan crops and convert the document into a pdf which you’ll then be able to share.

18. tips are Reding at night.

if you use your iPhone at night and you always think that it is way too bright even on the lowest level,

you can actually drop the brightness to a much lower level

just go to settings accessibility display and the text size and enable reduce white points

your eyes will thank you later

17. tips are to hide the home screen pages.

if you have a home screen with more sensitive information and want o to hide it.

you actually can simply enter jiggle mode and then tap on these dots right here

then you can check and uncheck home screen pages to hide them.

16. Tips are moved to multiple apps.

if you’ve been used to moving apps one by one,

there’s actually a much better way to do it simply enter jiggle mode hold on an app and then slightly move it around and then you can tap on more apps, on the other hand, to move them all together perfect for populating a home screen or a new folder

15. Tips are Typ for Siri.

if you like using Siri.

But often find yourself unable to talk to her in public.

You can actually type to her simply go to settings and accessibility then Siri and enable tap to Siri.

You can still use the “Hey Siri” command to invoke him by voice but when you hold the side button the text box will show up and you’ll be able to chat with her by text too

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14. Haptic Type.

I always found timing on an iPhone to be quite difficult.

Because of the lack of haptic feedback well there’s actually a way to enable it

you simply download Google’s board app which will replace your default keyboard with Google’s own version which does support haptic feedback and trust me it will do typing on an iPhone a million times better

13. Multi-Lingual Type.

If you’re like me and you often type in multiple languages Google’s keyboard is again the best choice here as it will automatically detect the language and even switch mid-sentence

12. AirPods As Hearing Aids.

this is a pretty big one.

If you have someone elderly in your family who needs a hearing aid one of the best ones is actually a pair of AirPods then go to the settings and control center and simply add the hearing control.

The Airpods will now play real-time audio from your phone’s microphone which means that you can talk on your iPhone and then adjust the

volume of your airproof until your grandpa can hear you

11. 2- Factor Authentication.

most apps today require two-factor authentication but no need to download a separate app anymore as we now have a built-in one in ios.

simply go to settings password select an account and then you can set up a verification code straight from there

10. advanced copy & paste.

there’s actually an easier way to copy and paste items.
Let’s say that you’re writing a message and you want to send an image from an article
you can simply hold on to the image in the article and then swipe on a home bar to go back to messages and drag it there.

9. Copy text from real Life.

let’s say that you have a magazine in front of you and you want to send a quote to your friend now you could just send them the entire photo but there’s a better way to do it just open the camera app and tap on this button right here this will analyze all text in the image allowing.

You to copy it and then paste it to another app is super useful.

8. LED Notification Light.

you know how some older android phones had that led light for notifications well you can

enable this on the iPhone too kind

if you go to settings accessibility audio and visual, you can enable the led flash for alerts

so whenever you get notifications they flash would flash

7. focus on noise.

in that same audio visuals tab, you can enable background sounds

once enabled your iPhone would play some calming sounds to help you focus better and select between a couple of them from rain and ocean to even white noise.

6. secret menu.

accessing background sounds takes a lot of steps but there’s actually a secret menu on your iPhone that you can enable and you can add some custom controls to it to activate it go to accessibility and from accessibility shortcuts,

you can select several useful controls like background sound and the reduced white point that I mentioned before and once you triple tap the power button these will show up

5.Kids Mode.

have you ever handed your iPhone to a kid to play a game and you were always worried about him exiting that game and messing up some other stuff on your iPhone

well, there’s actually a hidden kids mode simply go to settings accessibility and tap on the guided axis.

Once you’re in an app or a game and triple-tap the power button, you’ll get the option to lock the user into that.

Specific app using a custom passcode.

4. Double tab for camera.

Apple still doesn’t let you quickly launch the camera app which is something that you can easily do on android phones by usually double tapping the power button

well there is a way to enable that kind in accessibility settings and touch you can enable a back tap and you can set different actions which will activate by you double or triple tapping on the back I’ve set mine to double tap to activate the camera and triple tap to activate the torch

3. apply shortcut.

apple’s most advanced app is something that most people don’t even know about

it’s called shortcuts and you can download it from the app store if you don’t already have it and it lets you create pretty much any type of automation that you can think of

for example, you can set automation so that when your iPhone detects that it’s at home it automatically plays music for you dims the lights, and automatically messages your friends to start a gaming session

2. custom icons.

did you guys know that you can actually have custom icons on your iPhone.

this is fully done through the shortcuts app; all you have to do is create a new shortcut to open up an app.

Give it a name and a custom icon to select from your photos and then add it to your home screen.

1. Personal & Work Pages.

This is actually my favorite you can have dedicated home pages for work and for personal use that automatically switch based on where.

If you are to do this, you must first create your two personal and work pages.

Then go to settings focus select personal home screen custom pages and select which page you want your personal one to be.

Then go back tap on schedule select location and select your home.

Whenever you get home you’ll only get shown the personal page with those personal apps

that you’ve chosen you can even mute work app notifications if you want and then simply repeats the same process for the work page to have two completely separate home pages that automatically activate when you get home or when you get to the office.


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