How to Backup WhatsApp chat in iPhone

How is it going everybody you’re welcome at and today let’s talk about Whatsapp backup on the iPhone because there are actually two ways that you can do a full WhatsApp backup on your iPhone

what I mean by full is a backup that includes all your chats so all your messages and also your media so photos video audio messages and of course your stickers

so there are two ways to do it. One of them is kind of the obvious way to do it but it’s full of issues and problems and maybe that’s the reason why you’re reading this blog

and the other one always works is the best way to do it is the right way to do it and that’s the one I’m gonna focus on in this Article right

now so without further let’s begin

How to Backup WhatsApp chat in iPhone

How to Backup WhatsApp chat on iPhone (1st Way)

so first a quick overview and as I said there are two ways to do it and the first one the most obvious one is just

  • going ahead and opening up WhatsApp
  • then go into settings the last tab right here and then chats
  • then click on chat back up and then back up now

which is going to be a blue button right here okay so this first method as i said is the most obvious one and that’s the one that’s full of issues because

  • sometimes it just gets stuck here maybe under preparing maybe under uploading. This percentage just won’t go up as I am right now right here
  • it happens all the time it won’t go anywhere just stuck here for hours or even days okay this is very common or even maybe it finishes this process okay which is even worse so this finishes up it goes to 100%. It says that the backup has successfully finished
  • when you go ahead and you restore when you go ahead and you pick up your new phone or if for some reason you need to restore your phone and when you go ahead and restore the WhatsApp information you have all your information all your chats and everything

but your media look like this

this is what your media looks like a ton of question marks issues and problems. Sometimes some of the photos are here and some are not. Sometimes you have some media and then somewhere missing are gone the same thing with your uh stickers and everything

so as I said this process of backing up you are like your chat backup within the WhatsApp app. That’s not the best way to do it, that’s the most obvious way to do it but that’s not the best way to do it

so what’s the second option and that’s why I said it’s like a fail-proof

How to Backup WhatsApp chat on iPhone (2nd Way)

it’s actually very very and obvious all you have to do is:

  • Go to settings go to apple id
  • then you’re going to go to icloud and then we’re gonna go we’re gonna scroll down to icloud backup
  • then right here we can back up our phone. Then I can just go ahead and hit on backup now
  • I can back up my iPhone is a full iPhone backup

and when we back up our iPhone our WhatsApp info goes with it so again our chats our media our stickers everything because when you do an iPhone backup a full iPhone backup of all your data within your apps, they go with

Something important

it’s so there’s nothing to worry about here. You can just go ahead and back up now uh if you don’t have iCloud storage if you don’t want to pay for iCloud storage because sometimes you do need to pay to get more storage

you can do an iTunes backup so you can do your normal computer backup which is free by the way, if you’re not 100% sure how to do that I’m going to put a link here so click on that and you’re going to go straight to another video which they show step by step how to perform the backup on the computer

so the most important part of this Article is just teaching you that within the normal iPhone backup right here or with if you’re doing it with iTunes or whatever all your WhatsApp information goes as well so you don’t need to go ahead and mess with WhatsApp with its own chat backup

you don’t need to do that because that is full of bugs. All you have to do is do your normal iPhone backup and you’re going to be good to go I’ve done it many times and it always works. There are no issues any problems nothing like that. It always does work

so next time you want to uh backup your WhatsApp just make sure to do your normal iPhone backup. You’re good to go and if you have this set to do it every day be sure that all your WhatsApp information is gonna be saved as well every single day and you don’t need to worry about a single thing


so that’s pretty much it guys a quick simple Blog just teaching you how to do a WhatsApp backup the right way on your iPhone hope you like it hope it was helpful to do to you and if it was, please make sure to hit the Share button and also comment down below I really do appreciate it so that’s pretty much it I’ll be back in a few days guys bye bye

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