How to Block Numbers on Android and iPhone

Sometimes something happens when you are enjoying your Weekends, and away from office work, you get a call from an Unknown Number. You pick the call and think the call is important for you.

But sometimes comes from Computer Generated Bot or SMS. The main motive of the call is to provide the latest offer for a Credit card and loan. You cut the call, and you think about how to block marketing companies or bank numbers on your iPhone.

How to Block Numbers on Android and iPhone

But if you have an iPhone or stock android smartphone, I take how to block the number.

How to Block on iPhone

call block doing; it’s so eggy on your I phone. iPhone 7 or after’s version in you do calls block so follow these steps:-

  • you need to open The “Setting” app on your phone.
  • general >phone
  • choose calls > call blocking and identification >block content
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if contacts are not saved on your list, so these steps are you follow –

  • open the “recent” tab in the phone app.
  • Tab on the” I “icon near the numbers.
  • Tab on ‘block this caller.

How to Block calls on a stock Android Phone –

there are minimum steps processed on block calls. If you use on stoke android pixel phone so you will have android Oreo.

You do block calls on stoke android in 3 types –

  • open the phone app
  • see the very upper three dots on the tab
  • choose the setting and tab on block numbers.
  • and write the number ( which you will do block )

if phone numbers are not save your contact list so follow the steps –

  • open the phone app
  • tab on resents
  • select the number which you will do block
  • choose spam block /report


I hope you like this post. In this post, I explain How to Block & Numbers when Calling on Android and iPhone.

if you follow these steps so you also Block Numbers Calling on Android and iPhone.

If you face any problem in this post, then you can write the problem in the comment box and send us. We try our best to give a reply as first priority.

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