How to Make a Custom Ringtone from Scratch in Garageband

Garageband is a popular music software application that’s often associated with music creation. While most people use it to create songs, it’s also a great tool for creating custom ringtones. In this article, we’ll share four easy tips on how to make a custom ringtone from scratch in Garageband.

Tip #1: Choose the Type of Ringtone You Want to Create

Before you begin creating your custom ringtone, you need to decide on the type of ringtone you want to create. You can choose between three types of ringtones: melodies, sounds, or chords. Additionally, you can add sound effects such as EQs and Delay time to enhance your ringtone.

Tip #2: Choose the Tempo of Your Song

The tempo of your song will determine the overall speed and rhythm of your ringtone. You can choose between 50 beats per minute or 100 beats per minute, depending on your preference.

Tip #3: Select the Data Format

Once you’ve decided on the type and tempo of your ringtone, you need to select the data format. The data format will determine which file you need to create and store your ringtone in. There are a variety of data formats available, including MP3, WAV, and AAC.

Tip #4: Edit and Import Your Ringtone

After selecting the data format, you need to find the ringtone file you want to use and edit it using your favorite editing software. Once you’ve edited the file, import it into Garageband by navigating to the folder where you saved the ringtone files and opening the ringtone Importing.xsl file. Enter the required information, including the filename, directory, and duration of your desired ringtone.


Creating a custom ringtone in Garageband is a simple and fun way to personalize your phone. By following these four easy tips, you can create a unique and memorable ringtone that reflects your personality and style.

Remember to choose the type of ringtone you want to create, select the tempo of your song, choose the data format, and edit and import your ringtone. With these steps, you’ll be able to make a custom ringtone from scratch in Garageband.

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