How to Prepare Your iPhone for iOS 16

what’s up guys Welcome back to this week was extremely eventful just as expected because we did have the iPhone 14 event on Wednesday followed by the RC build of iOS 16 and iOS 15.7.

Then just yesterday on Friday we were able to pre-order those brand new Apple products that are launching next week.

So we’ll talk about all those subjects along with some iPhone 14 tidbits you might not know and what to expect next week because next week will definitely be the most eventful week of the year.

So prepare yourselves and as always.

So let’s start with iOS 15.7 RC, a release Apple pushed out shortly after the iPhone 14 event on Wednesday and this one was kind of unexpected since we did figure that the next iOS 15 release would be in the form of a public lease and not a beta.

But it did come and it didn’t really change too much as a matter of fact if you updated you probably didn’t even tell any difference between 15.6.1 and that’s because this update was mainly pushed out for AirPods Pro 2 compatibility.

So there are no release notes available there’s nothing about the security or anything like that, so we’ll have to wait until the public release of 15.7 drops.

Before we see you know if anything else has been addressed with this update I’m sure there are a couple of other things that have been addressed.

But anyways moving on to iOS 16 so we did get the RC build and the final public release is coming on Monday, September 12th.

So we are just hours away from the big release of iOS 16 but I did make a post on the RC build here on the website there are a few other tidbits that I wanted to mention and just some things that were found in the code courtesy of Steve Mose.

So the RC build includes support for the AirPods Pro 2 just like the iOS 15.7 release candidate and then there are also multiple modes for the new iPhone 14 Action mode feature so this is the feature where it’s like a stabilized zoomed-in look like an action film and we now see based on the code that there are multiple modes available for this feature.

The code also reveals that Pro raw images shot on the iPhone 14 Pro will be about three times larger than the 13 Pros images.

So if you use Pro raw, you definitely want to ensure that you have at least 256 gigabytes. of storage in settings on the iPhone 14 it says Wake and unlocks iPhone when you tap the display or swipe up from the bottom edge of the lock screen.

So it appears that there’s going to be a new way to unlock your phone instead of just tapping on it when it’s locked you could also swipe up from the bottom of the phone while on the lock screen.

So that’s interesting I’ll have to see how that works if it’s you know easier and better than tapping but that is a feature included with the iPhone 14 along with this one which I found very interesting to play sound when iPhone is powered on and off.

so this on Twitter multiple people reported on this and we also have the sound that is going to play on the iPhone 14 when you boot it up and when you boot it down so just as a Mac has you know the chime the little jingle when you boot it up we’re now going to have that on the iPhone 14 and here’s.

There’s also an added accessibility feature for dynamic Island where it says double tap to open the app so on the iPhone 14 pro you’re going to be able to double tap on the dynamic Island which is the new post-shaped cutout up top to open up an application quickly and there are several other changes and additions in the code as well and it kind of gives us a sneak peek kind of spoils some of the early settings of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro.

I think this build is good enough for your main device just don’t expect perfection right away you know battery life is not as good as iOS 15 just yet and there will be some minor bugs some minor UI you know hiccups.

But those will get ironed out as we progress with iOS 16.

alright so now let’s talk about what to expect next from Apple.

So next up as I mentioned earlier is the final public release of iOS 16 is coming out right here on Monday, September 12th.

Now that very same day or the next day we could see iOS 16.1 beta

1. first so Apple does usually release the next beta immediately after the big public release so we can expect that within a day or two after the iOS 16 public release gets pushed out and then later that week.

    right there on Friday, the 16th is when all of the new Apple products get released well not all of them most of them so the iPhone 14 the Apple Watch Series 8, and the AirPods pro.

    2. second are the only ones that are not going to be released on the 16th are the Apple watch Ultra and the iPhone 14 Plus and then, of course, iPad OS 16 and Mac OS Venture will both be released in October.

    Alright so now let’s move on to the latest Apple news and for this post, I don’t want to change the subject at all so I just want to talk about the new Apple products coming next week I want to talk all about the iPhone 14 because really nothing else is relevant at this point all eyes are on the new Apple products coming next week.

    So let’s start off with the speed increase on the 14 pros compared to the 13 Pro because a new geek bench test has revealed that the a16 and the iPhone 14 Pro are 17 faster than the a15 and the 13 Pro.

    Now I know what you’re asking will this actually be noticeable at all in like day-to-day usage for some yes I think it will if you’re very technical and you really compare the two side by side but for most people probably not a whole lot and that’s probably going to be you know that was probably a big reason that Apple stuck with the a15 chip on the regular 14 and 14 plus.

    Because even going up to the a16 chip would have very minimal impact and Apple would save on costs so that’s probably the main reason Apple stuck with the a15 on the regular 14 but also probably.

    Because I just really want to push up and pump up the Pro Line.

    More than the regular iPhone 14s and as far as sales go it seems to be working because a new report indicates that a whopping 85 percent of early iPhone 14 buyers are going to opt for the pro model so minty quo said this is the latest offline pre-order survey for iPhone 14 series and China shows that the total order allocation for the 14 pro and pro-Max is about 85 percent.

    While the 14 Plus has the lowest order allocation at less than five percent, that sub-five percent is actually pretty interesting for the 14 plus because I think Apple has high hopes for the 14 plus and I think it will sell pretty.

    Well and I also think it’s going to sell well but I think it’s going to sell very similar to the 12 and 13 minis where it doesn’t sell a lot right away but down the road, once people get familiar with you know what these new models are then I think the 14 plus will take off and sales but I don’t think it’s going to be an immediate winner but long term I think the 14 plus will definitely be a winner and the quote also had some more to add on to those stats.

    So we said pre-orders for Apple’s high-end products have always been more popular in the early stage of this year’s order allocation of Pro Models is higher versus previous years from the survey reflecting Apple’s product segmentation

    strategy change where only Pros receive major updates and then quo also mentioned something pretty interesting about the iPhone 15.

    so he said I believe Apple will create more differentiation between iPhone 15 pros and iPhone 15 standard models to -increase Pro shipment allocation and the new iPhone average sales price.

    Taking a step further Apple will also start creating differentiation between the 15 Pro Max and the 15 Pro.

    It’s the best practice via a precise product segmentation strategy to generate more sales and profits in a mature market.

    So I can definitely see Apple going this route and they’re kind of already doing it here with the 14 and 14 pros so we’ll have to wait and see what 2023 brings for the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro and then speaking of buying iPhones Brazil has finally been overtaken as the home to the world’s most expensive iPhone.

    So Brazil has held this title for a few years now I believe like three years but now another country has them beat and it’s not really a good award but turkey has now beaten Brazil for the most expensive iPhone 14.

    So in Turkey, the base model the 128 gigs iPhone 14 costs a U.S equivalent of 1699 dollars which is 1700 for a base model the cheapest iPhone 14 you can get, and the cheapest 14 pro is 2200 dollars, and then if you want to go to the top of the line the iPhone 14 pro-Max with one terabyte of storage that is three thousand one hundred and thirty-six dollars that are just absurd.

    So if you’re watching this post from turkey and my condolences to you, I hope things get cheaper there over the years.

    But anyways guys there you have it those are just a few tidbits about the iPhone 14 from this past week along with some additional updates on iOS 15.7 and iOS 16.

    Now just a heads up I will be skipping Apple weekly next weekend so next Saturday I will not have an apple weekly post come out that’s just because I’m going to be too busy with iPhone 14 iOS 16 Apple watch AirPods coverage it’s gonna be too much going on that I’m not going to be able to get a post for Apple weekly.

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    ios 16 will also get a redesigned home app with new camera views and widgets on the lock screen and features to control apple watch from the new update, users will now be able to copy text from video as well.


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