How to Set a GIF as Wallpaper on iPhone

If you know that you can set your iPhone or iPad wallpaper on gif. that a press with animates?

You are using a workaround to enjoy, And your iPhone lock screen on your right favorite animated gif.

The workaround we are about to discuss here involves features available on your iPhone and iPads for years now.

How to Set a GIF as Wallpaper on iPhone
How to Set a GIF as Wallpaper on iPhone

How to Set a GIF as Wallpaper on iPhone

You may already know how to apply and set the live photos as wallpaper that animate on the lock screen. The gif is changed here the wallpaper, a gif instead of an actual live photo. You can set the gif as wallpaper but you will have to do a little conversion.

so you follow these steps and set a gif as wallpaper on your iPhone

  • to set the wallpaper, you need to Download an app on your iPhone. Open the App Store on Your phone.
  • To search the “GIPHY App” on your iPhone.
  • We can download many gifs to help this GIPHY App, so you can download this APP Now.
  • After downloading you open this app and click on the search bar. After then you type your favorite gif and click on search.
  • So you see your iPhone screen on many gifs and you click on a gif that is set on your iPhones wallpaper,
  • after then you see the right side of your phone screen on three dots, so click on three dots.
  • You do click after many opinions are asked of you. So choose the second option convert to live photo ‘
  • and after then click on save as live ( fit to screen )
  • and the image is saved as a live photo in your iPhone gallery
  • now, these images are saved on wallpaper.
  • So click on the shared album and you do scroll.
  • After then scroll now came an option so click on use as wallpaper.
  • After then click on the set lock screen

so Now the gif is set as a live wallpaper on your iPhone screen.


I hope you like this post. So in this post, I explain How to Set gifs as Wallpaper on iPhone.

By Following these steps, you can set gifs on your iPhone as wallpaper.

If you have any problems with this process, write the problem in the comment box and send me. We will try as soon as possible to give you the right answer.

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