How To Unpin A Text Message On iPhone XR

iPhone XR has a new feature that lets users pin messages to the home screen so they can quickly access them later. But sometimes this feature doesn’t work properly. In this article, we will show you how to unpin a pinned message on iPhone XR.

Are you an Apple iOS user? if yes then you know that in the latest iOS 14 Apple introduced the Pin Feature in Text Message on iPhone XR but after Pinned any Message How to Unpin a Text Message on iPhone XR that Shown in this blog

Hey everyone My self Pankaj, and in today’s Blog, we explain to you a Brief process how you can Unpin Text Messages on iPhone XR Easily.

If you have lots of Important Conversations then you might face some issues with finding some mainly important chats and contacting the Important person in your Work; or business then you really need to use this feature to Pin your Text Message on your iOS Device

How to Unpin a Text Message on iPhone XR

Pin any Conversation is a Very handy Feature to use because with the help of it you can Pin any Important Conversation on iPhones or iOS Devices but in some cases, you need to remove the Pinned Text Message. Then how it’s Possible Don’t worry mate, I m here to help you so let’s Talk About The full Process of Unpin a Text Message on iPhone XR.

But you must have the latest version of iOS because this Feature is not available in Old Versions.

How to Pin & Unpin Conversations in Messages for iPhone & iPad

How to Pin and Unpin a Text Message on iPhone XR: Unpin any Message is an Easy Process that not difficult but sometimes you don’t know the full process then you may face issues.

Step-by-Step Guide to pin or Unpin a Text Message on iPhone XR:

Now let’s talk straightforwardly about the Process

  • First Launch your “Message” app on iPhone and iPad Device
How to Pin & Unpin Conversations in Messages for iPhone & iPad
How to Pin & Unpin Conversations in Messages for iPhone & iPad
  • After opening the app which chats do you need to Pin in the Message app simply Swipe right and click on the Yellow Pin Button shown in the left corner. that can pin your Chat
how to pin unpin conversations messages 1 369x800 1
Yellow Pin Button
  • Now to Unpin, any Conversation simpally click on Tripal-Dot Icon available at the top Right corner near the new Message Button
Tripel-Dot Icon
Triple-Dot Icon
  • Now just click on the “Edit Pins” button in Sub Menu.
how to pin unpin conversations messages 3 369x800 1
Edit Pins
  • Now you can see all chat who was Pinned at the top to Unpin these chats just Click on the “-” icon it removes the Pinned chat from the chat section also you can Pin multiple Chats at one time according to your need.
how to pin unpin conversations messages 4 369x800 1
“-” icon
  • If this does not work then you can also try the second method simply Long Press the pinned chat and you will see the “Unpin” button just click on it

that’s the whole process with the help of this you can Pin or Unpin any chat on an iOS Device also the highest pin limit is 9 which means you can Pin Highes 9 Chat at the same time in your message app if you need to add a pin more then 9 chat you need to Unpin some chat after that you can Pin the new Chat


In my point of view, this feature is very helpful for iOS Device Users because with this Feature you can Pin your important Chats at top of the page I m also a iOS User and I always use this to Pin my important chats because I also got lots of new DM in my Message app so always I need to manage the chats so I pin the important chat after that I can find the chat at top of the app.

What do you think about this Feature? Whether it’s really helpful or not for you simply comment down below your experience if you have still any issues with this just comment down below I will try to reply as soon as possible.


How do you unpin text on iPhone XR?

by following this post method you can simply Unpin text on iPhone XR and all iOS Devices

How do you pin and unpin a text message on iPhone?

How do you pin and unpin a text message on iPhone?: that’s a simple process if you see our blog then you will find its so easy to pin or unpin text in any type of iPhones

How do I unpin someone from the top of my Messages?

just long press on the chat which you want to remove from the pin after that you will get a Unpin Button by clicking on them you can Unpin any Chat easily

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