iPhone 14 & 14 Pro – 25 Things You DIDN’T Know!

So now that the iPhone 14s is official here are a couple of interesting facts. You probably didn’t know.

more about the iPhone 14s right after this wanna up your game well satisfy offers thumb grips for PlayStation Nintendo and Xbox to increase your input precision and accuracy while gaming and on top of that they also offer a variety of accessories for your Nintendo Switch devices such as larger grips thumb grips cases.

number one the brand new satellite SOS mode that’s available on all iPhone 14 models has three major catches it is only available in the us and Canada it is only launching in November and will only be free for the first two years.

After which you will need to pay a subscription fee.

This is how the other satellite phones work too with a subscription fee however most people won’t actually subscribe to something that they don’t think they will use so I think that this will hurt actually saving people’s lives.

Then apple has actually removed the physical sim support from us models so they would only work with e-sims now.

the upside is that they are now more depth proof but the downside is that not every us carrier supports e-sims.

so you’ll have to check that yourself and this is actually a major issue when you’re traveling especially to a place that does not support e-sims then there’s an updated version of apple cure plus that now offers unlimited accidental damage repairs 29 for a screen or backlash damage and then, of course, you have to pay 399 monthly which I think is actually pretty good we have something new called the photonic engine.

so this is essentially just improvements to how deep fusion works so this is purely software and it applies the processing on uncompressed images rather than compressed images which results in more detailed retained especially in low light apple gave us some really impressive numbers in terms of the improvements however they haven’t really shown us any images compared to the iPhone 13 for example,

and is pretty strange how the iPhone 13 pro doesn’t have this while the 14 which has the same camera as the 13 pros on the same chip does oh and by the way, you should avoid the iPhone 14 plus it might seem like a great deal but an even a better deal is simply getting a refurbished 13 pro max instead for 877 pounds in the UK compared to 949 and you get a promotion of a brighter display a telephoto camera module and even better battery life by two extra hours.

So go ahead and get a refurbished 13 pro and if you think that the a16 is inside the iPhone. 14 pros is a major reason to upgrade over the a15 and side 13s and the iPhone 14s the upgrade is actually quite small.

The geekbench scores have been leaked and as you can see we have no improvements in terms of the multi-core and only a 10 faster single core so The only notable change is the transition to a smaller 4-nanometer manufacturing a process that makes the a16 chip a bit more power efficient.

Now you’re all probably aware of that dynamic island a feature exclusive to the iPhone 14 pros but did you know that apple actually created a dedicated chip for always-on functionality promotion and the anti-aliasing is required to make the dynamic island animation so smooth yes they have a specialized chip for that dynamic island.

Speaking of the dynamic island according to Russia the iPhone 15 and 2023 will get it as well so it won’t just be the pro models this is another reason to avoid getting a regular iPhone 14 as apps will start implementing that dynamic island functionality.

So next year your iPhone will be quite outdated and did you guys know that we now have dual ambient light sensors on the iPhone 14 pros both of which are under the display also the regular photos that you take on the iPhone 14 pros will be 12 megapixels in size but

you do have the option to take the full 48-megapixel photos when you take them in raw however the file size will be massive 80 megabytes per image this will kill your onboard storage and cloud storage quite quickly if you take loads of them.

If you want to do the same for videos and take them in the highest quality possible, that’s where prores come in this only works on the pro models of the iPhone, and did you guys know that if you have the 128 gigabytes of storage model, you’ll only be limited to 1080p 30 prores if you want to do 4k 30 you need to upgrade to the 256 gigabytes of storage models or higher.

The cinematic mode actually got some upgrades so now you can do 4k 30 up from 1080p 30 and it’s really interesting how the iPhone 14 got us 2 despite having the same chip as the iPhone 13 pros which are still limited to 1080p 30. we also have the second-generation censorship technology on the iPhone 14 pro models.

This means even better stabilization with the main module is also wider but only on the pro model so now we have a 24-millimeter lens compared to the 26 that we had before so you’ll be able to capture it slightly more in the scene.

But interesting enough the pro models actually have a smaller aperture than the iPhone 13 pro so f 1.78 compared to f 1.5 which on paper is actually a pretty noticeable downgrade for a smartphone but of course, that larger sensor with pixel binning should help negate this downgrade and we also have another downgrade um in terms of the steroid module on the pro models.

so the aperture is also smaller here f2.2 compared to f 1.8 but then the sensor is actually larger so it does capture overall more light and we also have the improved focus.

So I personally think that its new f2.2 aperture would actually help make macro shots quite a bit sharper than they are now and with a new photonic engine apple claimed up to three times improvement in low light compared to 13 pros and on the 14 pros, we also have a new 2x telephoto module kinda.

So it simply uses the 12-megapixel area of that new 48-megapixel sensor to crop in it works for portrait mode 2 which is quite awesome and it also works for video apparently, you’ll be able to shoot 4k video using this 2x crop as well and sadly if you want to deny the portrait mode is still exclusive to the iPhone 14 pros due to that lidar the module being present.

we also have a brand new flash on the 14 pros which is twice as bright as before for anyone who still uses it I guess the main use the case for this would be the torch being brighter and for the first time in quite For several years apple actually has not upgraded the hdr processing it looks like they’re still using smart hdr4 on the iPhone 14 pros but speaking of her the hdr brightness when you’re watching an hdr video has been significantly improved from 1200 nits uh to 1600 on the pro models.

The pro models also get an exclusive outdoor brightness setting which bumps it to 2000 nits this is the brightest on any smartphone at the moment compared to just 800 nits on the non-pro models.

however, do you expect the brightness to be throttled quite quickly when your outdoor is currently on the iPhone 13 pros this actually happens very quickly especially when it’s hot outdoors the brightness gets limited to 50%, uh we also have Bluetooth 5.3 on all iPhone 14 models from Bluetooth 5.0 so this is the latest standard,

it also allows for le audio which has not been enabled yet this could be enabled with a future software update which would result in even better audio quality and longer battery life with the AirPods pro 2. also the iPhone 14 pros now have a more accurate GPS so just like the apple watch ultra now supports the brand new l5 satellite connectivity which will give you more accurate localization.

when tall buildings surround you in a city so, this means that your runs throughout a city should be more accurate and if you want to call an uber it should be able to detect and find your location much quicker and even though the prices remain the same in the u.s outside of us it has actually been increased quite considerably oh and by the way in us uh if you select an iPhone 14 or a 14 plus if you don’t pick a carrier you will actually end up paying 30 more than if you do and if you do pick a carrier, you’ll get a 30 discount apparently.

so as you can probably tell there are a lot of changes, especially the 14 pro lineup the 14 doesn’t really get that many changes compared to the 13 but the 14 pro does so let me know what you guys think and definitely check out our post comparing the 14 and the 14 pros all the differences and stay tuned for an upcoming post comparing the 14 pros against the 13 pros and all the upgrades we’ve also done posts on the apple watch ultra and the AirPods pro 2.

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The biggest differences between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are the new display features, including Digital Island and Always-On, and the camera upgrades. The Digital Island and Always-On display both provide an additional layer of functionality compared to previous generations of iPhones.

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