Mac How to Open Google Chrome from Terminal on Mac: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction: In this guide, you’ll learn how to open Google Chrome from the Terminal on your Mac. This can be useful if you need to access Google Chrome from a different computer or if you have trouble opening it from the comfort of your own home.

How to Open Google Chrome from Terminal on Mac.

Google Chrome is a web browser that was first released in May, 2006. It is a search engine optimization tool and one of the most popular browsers on the internet. The app version of Google Chrome can also be used to browse the web and make online transactions.

One way to open Google Chrome from Terminal on Mac is by using the following command:

curl -fsSL | sudo xcode-select –install

This will launch an installer for Google Chrome that you can then use to install it onto your Mac. You can also alternatively use this same command to open Google Chrome through Finder while it’s running:

openssl run –no-ssl -o /Applications/Google\* –user-data-dir=/Users/username/.localstatedir –allow-root-login

This will launch Google Chrome and allow you to browse the web and make online transactions.

How to Use Google Chrome.

To access the Browser Menu, open Google Chrome and click on its icon in the top left corner. From here, select “Options” in the menu and then select “File”. Click on the “New Window” button and name the new window “Google Chrome (PC)”.

Select the option that corresponds to your operating system: Windows: Start by clicking on the three lines in the top right corner of Google Chrome (PC), and then type “chrome://settings/browser/add-ons/search_engine_optimization” into the search box.

Mac: Open Finder and press Command-F5 to open Google Chrome’s preferences. Scroll down to find “Search Engine Optimization” and change it to on.

Open Google Chrome.

Once you’ve opened Google Chrome, click on its icon in the top left corner of the screen and select it from within its options panel. To save or close it, simply click on its icon again or hit Escape key once you’ve closed all of its other options panels.

Tips for Using Google Chrome.

To keep Google Chrome open, you’ll need to open it with a new tab or window each time you want to use it. To do this, hold down the Option key and click on the Google Chrome icon in the menu bar. This will open a pop-up window that asks if you want to keep Google Chrome open. If you answer “Yes,” you won’t be able to close it until you close all your tabs or windows.

If you answer “No,” Google Chrome will close automatically when it goes out of memory. To keep Google Chrome open, make sure your computer has enough memory and that no other programs are using up its resources.

Use Google Chrome for Everyday Activities.

Google chrome is great for everyday tasks like online browsing and emailing. But there are times when leaving it closed won’t work as planned. For example, if you want to watch an online movie but don’t want to have access to the web page where the movie is available, leave Google Chrome closed and reopen it later. And if you need to quickly reply to an email while on vacation, leave Gmail closed and reopen it when back in your home country (or even on another computer).

Use Google Chrome for More Serious Activities.

If using Google Chrome for more serious activities (like working on a project) isn’t your thing, there are ways to customise how it behaves so that its functions are more suited for your needs. You can adjust how fasttabs show up (so they load slowly), set extensions to not work by default (so important documents like bank statements or PDFs don’t get lost in all the chrome), or disable automatic scrolling so pages stay responsive even while large emails are loading.

Keep Google Chrome Safe.

Google chrome is a huge part of your online life, and it’s important to keep it safe. You can set up security features that protect your personal information, like two-factor authentication (2-step verification). And if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to use Google Chrome but don’t have it open, you can reopen it with the same settings as before by pressing the Option key while clicking on the Google Chrome icon in the menu bar.


When using Google Chrome, it is important to keep the browser open and use it for everyday activities as well as more serious activities. It is also important to keep the browser safe by deleting any suspicious items and avoiding dangerous websites. Thanks for reading!

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