Ghosted movie short review in  10 points

"Ghosted" is a 2021 romantic comedy film directed by Chris Siverston and starring Aisha Dee and Kendrick Sampson

The film follows the story of a social media manager, Sophie (Dee), who is ghosted by her boyfriend, Tyler (Sampson), after he gets a job in another city.

Sophie meets a new love interest, Aaron (newcomer actor actor Jon Rudnitsky), who helps her move on from her past relationship.

The film touches on themes of modern dating and social media, as well as the emotional toll of being ghosted.

Aisha Dee delivers a strong performance as Sophie, showcasing her comedic timing and emotional depth.

Kendrick Sampson brings charm and charisma to the role of Tyler, despite his character's shortcomings.

Jon Rudnitsky shines as Aaron, the lovable and supportive love interest.

The film's soundtrack is a standout, featuring a mix of contemporary pop and indie music.

The pacing of the film can be slow at times, but the heartfelt performances keep the audience engaged.

Overall, "Ghosted" is a relatable and entertaining romantic comedy that offers a fresh take on the challenges of modern dating.